Smart office: How to Make Your Office Intelligent

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The purpose of this article is to give you a comprehensive concept of what a smart office is. With the rapid development of the Internet, intelligent technology and products have brought revolutionary changes to people’s production and lifestyle. In fast-paced urban life, work occupies most of people’s time. Therefore, to make people’s work more convenient and comfortable, a smart office has become an important trend in future office life. 

1. What is the Smart office

What is the Smart office

The constantly innovative workspace has given birth to new office needs. To meet the young groups’ needs, who are pursuing flexible, innovative, and convenient work methods, it is particularly important to increase the utilization rate of corporate office space. Therefore, the upgrade of intelligent office space can be said to be an important part of future office space design.

At present, intelligent office space mainly includes smart office systems, intelligent power systems, and smart office furniture. Its core is the popularization of intelligent products and the development and application of new technologies. By applying them in a reasonable office space, the seamless connection between physical space and a variety of intelligent software can effectively help enterprises rationally plan office resources. 

Based on the concept of a collaborative office, the smart office system will be networked and standardized. Real-time cross-regional office mode was applied to save time, and cost and improve work efficiency.

During the pandemic lockdown in 2020, the home-based SOHO model accelerated the development of the teleconference office system. And the intelligence of the office area is also concern by people. How improve work efficiency and have a better life through more convenient and smart products, has become the basic requirement for modern people to pursue a quality life.

2. How can you make your office more intelligent

How can you make your office more intelligen

The goal isn’t just to bring intelligent technology to the office in a money-saving way, but also to connect workers.

First, you need to focus on choosing the right technology product for your stuff. When buying new equipment for an office, the needs and preferences of employees must be taken into account. After purchasing the most important equipment, you can also consider something to help employees relax, such as intelligent coffee tables that allow employees to sit and talk. Although they can be more expensive than other essential office equipment, they are versatile, especially for design teams.

Before choosing a cloud app, don’t forget there are other things you need to pay attention to. You can try some innovative devices, such as a multi-purpose sensor that detects and alerts packages when they arrive at the office door.

Networking is also an important element of an intelligent office. As a team, your employees must have the tools they need, and it’s your job to provide a way for the office to function. In addition to providing a stable and strong Wi-Fi connection, you need to use cloud apps to foster innovation and allow employees to work as a team.

For collaboration software, if you need email and document-sharing software for your employees, try Google Apps for Business. With the help of cloud technology, all of these tools have low monthly costs, and some even offer free trials.

These apps will not only make your office more intelligent, but they will also keep your employees in sync with headquarters even when they’re on the move or traveling.

3. How to choose the right smart office technology

How to choose the right smart office technology

01. Smart lighting

Through human induction, voice control, and an intelligent lighting system can achieve people to light up, people go off the light, and not need to open the switch manually. It not only makes the work and life of employees more convenient, but also saves energy, and the cost of the company has been reduced.

02. Intelligent curtains

For intelligent curtains, simply saying “Too much sunlight, close the curtain” or a command related to the meaning of closing the curtain can make the curtain close automatically. Similarly, when the light is too low, you are reluctant to stand up and draw the curtains, only command will let you add a ray of sunshine to the office.

03. Intelligent background music

An intelligent background music system only needs a command from you, and then it will let the slow music sound and inspired you, making your work easier and your work environment more relaxed.

04. Situational control

The situational control has meeting mode, lunch break mode, working mode, off-duty mode, and other scenarios. It is convenient, practical, and power-saving. It can also be a one-click sound control of lights, air conditioning switches, and curtain switches.

In summer afternoons, the office will not feel stuffy anymore. The air conditioner will automatically be adjusted to the appropriate temperature, combined with curtains and soft background music, making people sleep particularly comfortably and sweet in the office.

05. Intelligent connection

When it’s office time and someone walks into the office door, the intelligent lock will connect to all the appliances in the room, and the office lights, air conditioning, the computer,  etc will turn on.

When it arrives closing time and the last person left, the office light. Computers and other electrical appliances will shut down automatically.

06. intelligent door lock

There are fingerprint, password, remote voice unlocking, and other unlocking methods. So when you forget your key, don’t worry about not getting in.

At the same time, you can also give others the right to enter and you can take back this right at any time. For example, you can delegate temporary authority to trusted supervisors or employees who can open the door as the custodian can save a lot of work and reduce your workload while also creating a safe office environment.

4. Components in Smart Office

Components in Smart Office

01. Intelligent lighting

Intelligent switches are configured in all office areas, aisles, and other locations. An intelligent lighting system is a system that intelligently controls and centrally manages to light. Compared with traditional lighting, it can realize soft light start, as well as linkage with other systems to achieve the purpose of energy saving, environmental and convenience.

02. Energy management

Intelligent sockets are configured in office areas. The intelligent energy-saving manager can realize local manual operation. Remotely control the opening and closing of appliances connected to intelligent sockets. Intelligent energy-saving management is divided into master control and controlled equipment.

03. Electric curtain control system

By installing intelligent electric curtains in every office area, you can easily use only one finger to click on the remote to control the curtains. At this point, you enjoy not only technology, and comfort, but also the kind of freedom you want.

04. Safe visual intercom system

It is suggested to install webcams in public office areas and infrared curtain detectors at entrances and windows. The intelligent door control system can be set up in the lobby of the office, and the second intelligent door control system and the electromagnetic lock are installed on the office door. At the same time, the leader’s office door can install an intelligent lock. The employees can swipe the card to open the office glass door directly. If there are outsiders, they can first talk to the front desk visually to identify the identity of the front desk after remote opening. Sometimes because of work needs, you need to enter the leadership office, but the leader is not there, you still can open the door by using a fingerprint, a trust card, password. Leaders can also use their phones to remotely open an intelligent lock and let employees in.

05. Centralized control system

Digital intelligent terminals are very important for offices, they can control lighting, air conditioning, curtains, security, and other systems in the entire office area. In addition, the company can install a zone controller in each room to expand the control range of the intelligent terminal, and install a scene controller to achieve scene control. If possible, they can also install a temperature control panel for the air conditioner, which can be controlled by using a mobile phone or remote control.

5. What is the Smart Office System

What is the Smart Office System

01. Autonomous Standing Desk

An autonomous standing desk can help you switch from sitting to standing with just the push of a button with your finger. It is beneficial to your health without taking up extra space.

02. SmartDesk Pro

To get the most out of your office space, the most efficient and effective smart office product is the Smartdesk Pro, which has a sitting setting.

03. Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds allow you to work more comfortably and relieve stress

04. Graphene Antiviral Mask

The office system operation has changed its way. The company can adapt to this change by using a protective antiviral mask for office and outdoor work.

05. Wireless Printing

Complicated wire systems and cords get in the way of day-to-day work, the company can upgrade it to a wireless printer and enter the office of the future.

06. Intelligent Notepad and Pen

Notepad is effective for keeping your most urgent thoughts, but it can be inconvenient if you want to send the notes to others in urgency. The intelligent notepad and pen are the solution to this obstacle.

07. Intelligent Lighting

An intelligent lighting system that allows you to sit at your desk and control it remotely to avoid wasting time and energy running around.

08. Self-Watering Planter

Plants bring comfort and romance to your office, but they are also difficult to care for, especially when you have a lot of things to do. With these self-watering functions, you don’t need to bother your time to take care of the plants anymore, the only thing for you to do is to enjoy their beauty and charm.

09. Intelligent Climate Control

In the workspace, with intelligent climate control products, you are no longer need to continue to get up to run around to adjust the most comfortable air conditioner temperature.

010. Ergonomic Office Chair

A quality office chair is essential for good posture and health. This is why the Ergonomic office chair has been selling so well for so long.

6. Advantages and benefits of intelligent office

Advantages and benefits of intelligent office

Advantage one: intelligent linkage system

1. Intelligent power control system: centralize and remote control all electrical equipment in the office to solve the problem of too many devices and troublesome management;

2. wireless video and audio system: there is no need for a lot of wiring super display, wireless microphone infrared frequency, better look and feel, higher efficiency;

3. Intelligent air detection system: real-time detection of indoor pollutants, red line warning self-start cleaning machine, intelligent control, ensure the health of staff;

4. Integrated information service system: Intelligent APP palm command issuance, PC system control center background command execution, realize data, information, intelligent management.

Advantage Two: New technical support

1. New technology breakthrough, no complicated wiring, wireless screen projection;

2. Break the limitation that intelligent control must use a designated brand to work.

Advantage three: Value satisfaction

1. Reduce manpower waste and simplify the management process;

2. Calculate the electricity consumption to ensure the safety of electricity;

3. Air quality detection and management, create a good office environment.

7. Smart office solutions

Smart office solutions

01. Face recognition entrance guard

The face recognition access control system can reduce unnecessary waste and investment of time and labor costs, cover common office functions, and enable intelligent office services easily and quickly

02. The accuracy and economy of information collection are improved

With the continuous innovation of material science, the improvement of magnetic and optical sensor technology, the development of image processing technology and positioning technology, and the acquisition accuracy of face images have been continuously improved. At the same time, the face detection module configuration optimization technology has been in-depth research in recent years. This has laid a solid foundation for the development and application of a smart office face recognition access control system. With the maturity of artificial intelligence, statistical analysis, fuzzy logic, chaos theory, etc., some face recognition processing methods based on these theories and methods have been developed gradually.

03. Intelligent office solves the lighting problem

Turning on and off lights, switching appliances, switching doors and windows and a series of tedious operations have been turned into a “button” by an intelligent system.

The administrator can remotely click “one button to go to work” through the mobile phone APP or management system, and then the office lights, window curtains, air conditioning, water dispenser, and other equipment will automatically turn on and enter standby mode. What’s more, the  temperature and humidity are adjusted to the most appropriate state, or the system can also turn on lights by sensing human intelligence

04. Conference room reservation system – management platform

The conference distribution management software supports conference reservations. Reservation personnel can view the conference room reservation information, such as the status of the conference room and its equipment, conference notices, and conference reservation information, and arrange the conference content. User control in the meeting management system consists of roles, rights, users, and user groups. Roles correspond to rights. Users correspond to user groups. User groups correspond to roles.

05. Conference room reservation system

In the actual operation process of an enterprise, the conflict of conference room resources sometimes occurs. However, in the past, once different meeting groups use the same conference resources at the same time, for example, holding a meeting in the same conference room at the same time, the result is an unnecessary embarrassment. When applying for meeting resources, the conference room reservation system will judge the usage time of the meeting room. If there is a situation where the meeting room is used at the same time, they will remind the applicant to deal with it, so as to avoid conflict in the use of meeting room resources and greatly improve the utilization rate of the meeting room.

8. Examples of intelligent office applications

Examples of intelligent office applications

In the future, the smart office will adopt advanced Internet of things technology, intelligent control technology, and cloud service technology. The intelligent office ecosystem composed of software and hardware systems and cloud computing will realize the connection between things and things and realize the sensor between things and things.

01. Intelligent conference system

Equipped with the remote conference software APP, the management team can carry out paperless conferences, remote conferences, and conference management through mobile clients and PC anytime and anywhere.

The interactive whiteboard gives you a smooth, realistic writing experience, with gestures for erasing, zooming, and dragging. Humanized touch gesture design, mobile, zoom, eraser, and other functions can be arbitrarily switched. When you touch a large area of the screen, you can quickly call the eraser function. The eraser is changed with the contact area size change,  that is, the eraser erasing area size automatically adjusts itself with the change of contact area.

By adding page writing and providing an easy preview, the Intelligent conference system lets the content of the meeting be fully displayed. At the same time, it has more media databases, which can be directly edited by inserting pictures. It can also support 10-point touch and does not need to rely on keyboard and mouse input by finger or stylus for annotation. The comments page can be saved with one click, so you don’t have to worry about missing the key points of the meeting.

The intelligent conference system connects the mobile phone and the computer through wireless screen sharing, and casts the screen to the screen with one click, getting rid of the cumbersome wiring. It can support 4 computer images to be projected on the conference tablet at the same time. It also supports remote meetings, so employees no longer have to catch a plane to another city to attend a meeting.

02. Intelligent light control system

Through intelligent dimming, remote control switches, timing switches, scene combination lighting control, and other technologies, the entire office lighting can be controlled anytime, anywhere using a mobile phone. In the lighting scene preset mode, during working hours, the lighting system is automatically turned on in the early morning to welcome the arrival of employees; during off-duty hours, the leaving mode is automatically turned on and all lights are turned off to avoid waste of electricity and energy due to negligence. Utilizing the sensor linkage function to automatically provide the necessary minimum light, save energy and money.

03. Intelligent curtain control system

Intelligent curtain system, farewell to the traditional troublesome hand-pull curtain, realize the free control of opening and closing of the mobile phone. It can also realize the timing switch of the curtain, scene control, hand-pull start, and more advanced curtain control functions, with the environment sensor, and preset environmental conditions. When the sensor is triggered, the curtain can be automatically opened and closed, and adjusted to the most suitable position.

04. Intelligent office electrical control system

One-button remote control intelligent switch office appliances, with universal remote control, instead of all office appliances remote control, sitting in the office can control all electrical equipment, but also support remote control, not in the company is equally easy. At the same time, can also timing switch, and linkage all office electrical appliances, so that electrical appliances automatically work, energy saving and environmental protection to reduce office energy consumption, prolong the service life of electrical appliances.

05. Intelligent background music system

A background music system can provide background music and radio programs for the whole office. It has multi-channel digital audio broadcast, can realize that each area can listen to different music (or audio sources), to meet the needs of each floor of the office to listen to different programs. Multi-channel autoplay can be automatically played according to the pre-arranged playlist, timed play, and achieving personalized broadcast in different areas. The multi-channel digital broadcast host can realize automatic startup, shutdown, automatically identify the day of the week after starting every day, and then each channel call the day of the play table can automatically play. You can also broadcast an area by wireless control and wireless push playback on your phone /IPAD, and you can also integrate the scene mode to automatically play music. Cyclic function, realize the channel after the arrangement of the periodic broadcast schedule, which means it can be recycled play, no need to reset.

06. Intelligent dimming glass system

Intelligent dimming (atomized) glass can make the whole office look more bright. When the office is not in use, the glass is set to transparent mode, giving the office a better space experience and protecting your privacy.

07. Intelligent access control system

An intelligent access control system is a set of automatic identification technology, video surveillance technology, and background data management as one of the modern security management systems. It can realize the functions of call, intercom, visual, lock opening, attendance management, and entry and exit record. The built-in HD camera at the door of the access control system supports password input, non-contact ID card, fingerprint, and other identification methods to realize identification. Combined with the indoor unit and background management function, the reception staff can see the visitor’s image and the situation of the unit door through the indoor unit during the call, and monitor the entry and exit in real-time. Each entry and exit of the implementation of capture will be recorded. It has automatic identification of visitors, and classification records and the data will be saved to the management background and achieved record query. It is convenient for attendance management, anti-intrusion, stress alarm, and other intelligent management, which is a convenient, practical way.

08. Intelligent security monitoring system

By camera monitoring, remote monitoring, security detector alarm, and network alarm technology combination, an intelligent security monitoring system builds a multi-layer protective net, achieving a 360° office environment without dead Angle security monitoring. Through computers, and mobile devices (such as mobile phones, and tablets) display terminals, it can real-time view video surveillance anytime and anywhere.

It supports the SD card, network hard disk, video recorder storage ways, and so on. According to individual needs, you can choose manual recording, timed recording, motion detection recording, alarm linkage recording, etc. to save the video records cyclically, so as to facilitate the review of the video records. Security detector induction realizes intelligent intrusion alarm notification. In the case of arming, dynamic detectors monitor office changes in real-time, infrared captures intruders or door sensors monitor the switch status of doors and windows, find suspicious persons, and send alarm information to mobile phones in time. On the basis of security monitoring and detection, it cooperates with surveillance cameras to capture suspicious photos and videos and realizes intelligent linkage and automatic work. No matter whether it is normal or on holiday, it can be ensured that no one is in the company.

09. Intelligent environmental monitoring system

The intelligent environmental monitoring system can monitor temperature, humidity, illumination, and air quality in the office, feedback on the monitoring results in real-time, and turn on the environmental control equipment to adjust to the best state.

010. Intelligent ecosystem

The intelligent ecosystem includes intelligent plant irrigation and intelligent fish feeding. The system works by controlling the solenoid valve of the irrigation device. When controlling irrigation and feeding through LAN or remote control in other places, it can be watered regularly according to the characteristics of the plant, or it can be automatically judged when to water according to the temperature and humidity sensors placed in the office, or the water in the fish pond can be controlled. When the office employees are busy or the company is on holiday, the plants planted by the company can be irrigated in time to avoid forgetting to feed the fish, so that the office will always be full of youthful vitality

9. What are the famous smart office enterprises

01. Haier U-Home

Qingdao Haier intelligent Home Appliance Technology Co., Ltd. is an intelligent home appliance technology company under the Haier Group. It is also the global R&D and manufacturing base for intelligent products and one of the most valuable brands in China.

02. Super

Shanghai Super intelligent Electronics Co., Ltd. is one of the few intelligent home companies in the world that integrates standard intelligent home protocols and product production and is also a world-renowned brand.

03. Crestron

Crestron (Asia) Co., Ltd. is the world’s leading manufacturer of control and automation systems, and innovative technology and a leading manufacturer of reshaping the way people live and work

04. Honeywell Intelligent Home

Honeywell Security (China) Co., LTD., is a leading company in home automation control systems and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electronic security products.

05. Anjubao

Guangdong Anjubao Digital Technology Co., LTD is a high-tech enterprise.It is one of the most important integrated manufacturers in the field of security and intelligent home.

06. SwissQuote

Swissquote Technology (Asia) Co., Ltd. is committed to product research and development in the field of communication and intelligent control and is an intelligent home brand with great influence

07. IVOR

Guangdong IVOR Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the large enterprises in the field of intelligent homes and hotels in Guangdong. It is a well-known brand specializing in intelligent switches and an industry-standard setting unit.

08. Xinhechuang

Shenzhen Xinhechuang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the first high-tech enterprises to launch digital intelligent home products and one of the most influential brands in security.

09. KOTI

Guangzhou KOTI Electronic Technology Co., LTD., is one of the largest enterprises in the field of intelligent homes, which is a well-known brand, high-tech enterprise, and industry standard-setting unit.