What is a Smart Security System

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Smart security allows you to customize, monitor, and manage your security systems anywhere and at any time, from your smartphone. It is a relatively high degree of automation, monitoring range is more comprehensive, and has a certain defense function of the security system.

For example, the network voice alarm system in home security is setting fire prevention, anti-theft, anti-leakage, care for the elderly, earthquake alarm and one of the security systems.

At the same time can access, and control automatic door locks, automatic sprinklers, automatic gas valves, etc. Smart security monitoring system is also widely used in industry, with you to read intelligent security!

1. What is the meaning of smart security?

Intelligent security alarm system is the family with a variety of sensors, functional keys, detectors, and actuators together constitute the family security system and are the brain of the family security system. The alarm function includes anti-theft, fire prevention, emergency help, gas leak alarm, etc. The alarm system is managed and controlled by a microcomputer to realize automatic alarms for banditry and emergency help.

What is Smart Security?

2. The working principle of Smart Security?

The working principle of Smart Security?

Smart security technology, refers to the service of information, image transmission and storage technology, with the development and progress of science and technology and the 21st century information technology has entered a new field, smart security technology and computer boundaries are gradually disappearing.

Urban security projects include many fields such as buildings, streets and communities, road monitoring, banks and post offices, motor vehicles, moving objects, ships, police officers, and so on. Especially for important places, such as airports, docks, water, and electrical plants, Bridges, DAMS, rivers, subways and other places, the introduction of Internet of Things technology can establish a full range of three-dimensional protection through wireless mobile, tracking, and positioning means.

In particular, with the rise of the Internet of vehicles, public transportation management, vehicle accident handling, and vehicle theft prevention can be tracked and positioned more quickly and accurately. It can also obtain more accurate disaster and accident information, road flow information, vehicle location information, public facility safety information, weather information and other information sources through vehicles at any time and anywhere.

Smart security technology includes the following core technologies:

Image recognition technology

Image recognition technology refers to the object recognition of the image, in order to identify a variety of different patterns of targets and objects, image recognition is based on deep learning, that is, through continuous in-depth training on the basis of massive data, so as to achieve high accuracy in practical application.

In the field of security, image recognition technology is mainly used in human body analysis, vehicle analysis, behavior analysis, and image analysis.


The biometric identification technology involved in the security system is mainly facing recognition, fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, voice print recognition, face recognition, fingerprint recognition is relatively widely used at present.

At present, face recognition technology of 2 d mostly, but with the limitations of 2 d technology, such as vulnerability to external environmental factors such as illumination, expression, posture, the influence of 3 d face recognition technology will become a trend, the current 3 d vision has come into use in many scenarios, such as park, site in wisdom, wisdom to detect anomalies, Monitor whether there is invasion, fighting and other incidents.

Edge of computing

Edge Computing is a concept extended from Cloud Computing. It refers to an open platform that uses essential capabilities of computing, network, application, and storage to provide the nearest service on one side of the data source or object.

Edge computing can serve as a bridge between the physical and digital worlds. Cloud computing has access to the history of edge computing.

3. What’s the use of smart security?

What's the use of smart security?

The main reason for the emergence of smart security systems is to ensure our safety. As a matter of fact, the intelligent security system can ensure the safety of our family at any time by providing many functions. The smart security system can also be controlled remotely, which means users can see what’s going on in their home anytime, anywhere, and even control a room thousands of miles away.

1. Automatic fortification

The intelligent security system takes the convenience of villa owners into full consideration. They can dial a number to realize the phone withdrawal after the owners go out and go home so as to avoid entering the door alarm. In the specified time, the smart security system of the villa will automatically start the deployment.

2. Anti-theft system

Infrared curtain devices, intelligent access control systems, and intelligent access control systems are mainly to prevent the illegal opening of the door. The curtain will automatically close and alarm the owner when someone enters the room illegally.

3. Fire prevention, air leakage, weatherproof

Indoor smoke concentration detection, gas leakage detection, outside when the wind and rain, the system automatically alarm and carry out corresponding emergency measures, intelligent detection equipment will be based on the detection data in accordance with the pre-designed plan to perform actions. 

Some companies with excellent security monitoring systems will have free APP software matching their products, which users can download to their mobile phones and use together with the monitoring system. These apps allow users to view their homes remotely from their phones. Make your life more interesting by watching what your pets are doing and how your kids are acting up.

You can travel safely and keep track of what’s going on at home. Even when you’re traveling long distances for months, you’ll be able to see what the security cameras are doing in real time. Through the APP’s screenshots, the intrusion detected by the security system will be sent to the user’s phone. In that case, you can decide if you need to take action and then call the local police for help, or decide it’s not the right thing to do.

Suppose you’re at home and someone sneaks into your garden. If you have a video surveillance system and have an anti-theft device turned on, you can catch a burglar who sneaks in. Finding surveillance cameras could also deter trespassers. Spotting suspicious activity on video footage will help you alert local police and prevent intrusions. If your house has been burglarized, video from the surveillance system will be the best evidence to help catch the perpetrator.

We don’t look down upon intelligent security system, it is like one of our private “bodyguards”, silently guarding the safety of the home and family, every member of the personal and property safety, at the same time it didn’t have the slightest slack, conscientiously in the future market, believe in smart security systems also can have a better development. 

4. Risks of smart security

Risks of smart security

High input cost

Chips from AI, AI algorithms, and intelligent hardware input, are not a small amount of investment, intelligent hardware requires a certain amount of money, and large risk, high cost of trial and error, so the threshold of the companies such as relatively high, or have other industries can be parallel to liquidate or relevant investors strong financial support.

The data island

At the present stage, data are kept and used separately between each subdivision industry and each manufacturer of intelligent security. For multi-dimensional analysis and tracking target scenarios, it is necessary to improve the system openness of each platform, get through the platform for data and information sharing, and expand the application of visual information.

With the increasing fragmentation of AI applications, manufacturers in the industry are generally looking forward to the standardization of AI projects as soon as possible to make project delivery easier to execute.

Vertical exploration is limited

Based on the development of Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, how to combine technology and security, and implement them into products or solutions, which put forward higher requirements for the understanding of the industry and application scenarios, the understanding of different application scenarios, restrict the depth of exploration in vertical fields. In the future, the understanding of segmented industries or application scenarios, and the efficient combination of a variety of technologies, will determine the practical application and landing effect of intelligent security products.

The overall solution needs to be improved

The systematic accumulation of the ability to fuse multiple single-point technologies into a holistic solution that meets user needs. With the development of artificial intelligence technology, it has become a trend to enter the field of intelligent security with algorithms and other technologies as the breakthrough point. However, how integrating a variety of single point technologies into landing products to meet user needs and improve industrial application efficiency and value is a problem that many enterprises in the industry need to consider.

Data Security Issues

The Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing has accelerated the intelligent transformation of the security industry, but at the same time, data leakage events have frequently broken out, and data security issues have gradually attracted people’s attention.

With the open source and wide application of face recognition technology, criminals collect face data illegally through illegal programs, causing the problem of privacy disclosure. Data cloud makes users have higher requirements for the security and credibility of enterprise data storage. Besides the constraints of laws and regulations, it is also urgent to establish a data security management system.

6. What are the challenges of smart security?

What are the challenges of smart security

In addition to the progress of chips, algorithms and products, the improvement of technological capabilities, including 5G communication and sensing, also enables the “intelligence +” of security and gives birth to innovative intelligent applications. However, the development also faces many challenges:

1. The application of video data deep fusion should be improved

How to deeply apply the existing video and change the post-application mode of passive verification into the pre-application mode of active defense is the urgent demand of the security industry, but the application of this area still needs to be strengthened.

Now feeling the public security organs from the business practice preliminary combined with video monitoring results from artificial intelligence, but how in the lead of the big data strategy, further closely around the practical and useful, in view of the widespread integration across technology, integrated applications across lines of business, in actual combat effectiveness to energized, the public security police on the convenience of practices to reduce, the grassroots police. It is still a pain point and difficult problem of artificial intelligence in the field of the public security business, which needs to be further solved.

2. New technologies need to be pushed to the ground

At present, the core AI technologies in the security industry, including human recognition (face and human body), vehicle recognition and so on, have achieved good applications. Jian-huang lai professor mentioned, now face recognition, license plate recognition technology has reached a good level, the current face recognition in video surveillance with better, but a wide range of pedestrian recognition application has not yet been seen again, such as can’t see the face of it depends on the pedestrian recognition technology combined with facial recognition to do precise monitor again.

Security check in many important places, such as subway, still costs a lot of money and wastes a lot of manpower and material resources, which shows that the research and development and application of security technology based on video surveillance are not in place. There is still a lot of room for us to use video surveillance technology to simplify security check process and improve security check levels.

In the video surveillance application, when the monitoring system can’t see the face or can’t see the face, it depends on pedestrian re-recognition technology. At present, cameras all over the city, meet the standard of the face of the camera accounting for less. In order to maximize the potential of the security cameras of traditional safe cities and Skynet projects, pedestrian re-identification technology is very important.

In addition, sound in audio and video systems has not been fully exploited, and users in the application actually have urgent needs.

3. Multi-algorithm fusion should be strengthened

In practical applications, it is common for different algorithm analysis functions to be deployed independently, which will greatly reduce application efficiency.

The current public security organ has extended to the application of intelligence from single point “cloud, side, side” comprehensive deployment, especially on the selection of the front-end equipment integration of intelligent equipment put forward the request, has a human face, human, vehicle, structured, behavior analysis algorithm fusion and efficient codec and transmission, cable and wireless and security protection, and other functions, The comprehensive and integrated intelligent camera, which fully conforms to GB/T25724, GB35114 and GB/T28181 standards, has become an urgent demand in the in-depth construction and application of the current “Xueliang Project”. If such a product is launched, it will certainly be welcomed by the front-line combat departments of public security, and there will be greater market space.

The algorithm analysis layer is the core of artificial intelligence technology, the quality of the algorithm determines the application effect of artificial intelligence technology. In the face of users’ problems and demands, manufacturers still need to continue to develop in the superposition of multiple functions such as the integration deployment of multiple algorithms and the coordination of panoramic multi-mirror and multi-task, so as to improve the problem of stacking analysis servers with different algorithms to meet users’ demands.

For the development of the fusion algorithm, YanJun thinks now of people, vehicles, and the fusion algorithm in the application of content analysis, with the evolution of intelligence, the fusion of the future will also include audio and video, radar, thermal imaging, etc., through multidimensional awareness to solve the disadvantages of single sensor data, gives rise to more dimension data to artificial intelligence or solve the level of intelligence in the specific scene.

4. The association should guide the industry to make layout

At present, the security industry is regarded as one of the industries with the most market space for artificial intelligence, and it is crowded with participants at all levels on this wave of development track. President Hu Chuanping mentioned that the security market application prospect is very attractive, there are many enterprises to enter, but the industry as a whole only some big enterprises to make money, more small and medium-sized enterprises in the strict sense of not making money, some innovative enterprises are supported by capital investment, because many enterprises are almost doing the same thing. From the perspective of the association, enterprises should be guided to make reasonable layout and innovation of the industry, give guidance to enterprises, and help them to gain profits, because with profits, the relevant technology can get better progress, and the industry can get better development.

7. Advantages and benefits of smart security

Advantages and benefits of smart security

Installation is simple

Traditional security system equipment volume is large, and needs to be installed separately; And small size, can be directly affixed to the wall with the base of the two-sided sticky note.

The operation is simple

The traditional security system has a high degree of professionalism and has certain requirements for operators. Intelligent security system operating platform is mobile terminal equipment, you can view the situation at home at any time; It is designed for ordinary users without any security knowledge.


The traditional security system has complex equipment and high cost. Intelligent security system is designed for home users to remove some parts that are not universally needed while maintaining the integrity of the system, so that the whole system is lighter and the price is suitable for most families.

It has advanced technology

The characteristic of smart home security system is advanced science and technology. Intelligent home security systems assembled a variety of techniques to achieve different functions.


People use high-end smart home security system, many devices do not need manual operation, only need to control the equipment.


Smart home security system is the product of science to create a higher and more advanced life.


Smart home security system can be used reasonably. The reasonableness is not only reflected in the reasonableness of the system operation, but also lies in the reasonableness of the equipment operation. Only when the reasonableness of standardization is achieved, can smart home equipment be better used.

Smart security

Loyal butler, always on guard. Anti-gas leakage, anti-robbery, indoor anti-theft, fire prevention, and emergency rescue functions, fully integrated timing control, voice telephone remote control, scene control, wireless forwarding.

8. What are the components of smart security system?

What are the components of smart security system?

In order to be able to protect the safety of the home in a more all-around way, many families have installed intelligent security systems, including intelligent door locks, intelligent cat eyes, intelligent cameras and so on. Once these security products since intrusion into the outside world, they will activate the alarm device. So intelligent security anti-theft alarm system is composed of which parts?

Infrared intrusion detector

Infrared intrusion detector is mainly used to prevent illegal intrusion. The detector generally uses pyroelectric human infrared sensor, and its working principle is mainly human infrared monitoring. In fact, objects in nature, such as human body, flame, ice, etc., can emit infrared, but the wavelength is not the same.

Using different wavelengths, the infrared radiation of human body the pyroelectric body temperature changes continuously, making it output a corresponding signal after another, the characteristics of the pyroelectric infrared sensor human body are that it only caused in external radiation temperature changes, to give corresponding electrical signal, when the temperature changes in the stable are there will be no signal output, So the signal generator does not change with its own temperature change, but is sensitive to the movement of the human body, so as to detect the movement of the human body.

Door and window sensors

Door magnetic system is also one of the more widely used security systems, generally including door magnetic, window magnetic. Door magnetic, window magnetic is actually door magnetic switch, window magnetic switch for short. It is mainly composed of a door magnetic body and magnetic control bar.

When the control starts, once the magnetic control bar and the door magnetic body are separated, the corresponding signal will be generated and transmitted to the equipment through the network, so as to remind.

Smoke detector

This kind of detector is mainly used to detect visible or invisible combustion products and the initial fire with slow fire speed, there are four kinds of ion type, photoelectric type, laser type and infrared wire beam type.

Gas sensor

gas sensor is a kind of gas volume fraction into the corresponding electrical signal converter. The probe adjusts the gas sample through a gas sensor. Gas sensor is a kind of gas composition, concentration and other information into the information can be used by personnel, instruments, computers and other devices!

Water sensor

Based on the principle of liquid conductivity, the water sensor detects whether there is water with electrodes, and then converts it into dry contact output with the sensor. Generally divided into contact water detectors and non-contact water detectors.

The above is an integral part of smart security alarm system. With the development of Internet of things technology, intelligent security system is widely used in enterprises and residential areas.

9. Practical case of smart security

Practical case of smart security

The main connotation of intelligent security technology is its related content and service information, image transmission and storage, data storage and processing and so on. It involves multidimensional data fusion, AI chips, machine vision, image sensing, algorithms, biometrics, intelligent video analysis, etc. 

1. Video surveillance system

Smart security monitoring system, refers to image processing, pattern recognition and computer vision technology, through the increase in the monitoring system of intelligent video analysis modules, the powerful data processing ability to filter out with the help of computer video footage useless or interference information, automatically identify different objects, analysis to extract useful information in the video source, fast accurate positioning the scene of the accident, Judge the abnormal situation in the monitoring picture, and the fastest speed and the best way to send out an alarm or trigger other actions, so as to effectively advance warning, in the process of handling, after the timely evidence of the automatic real-time intelligent monitoring system.

2. Access control system

Indicate the forbidden permission of door access doors. Security at the door. Summary: management of what people what time can be in and out of the door, and provide query statements, and so on, common entrance guard systems are: password entrance guard system, non-contact card entrance guard system, type iris zhang biometric fingerprint entrance guard system, such as entrance guard system is developing rapidly in recent years, has been widely used in the management control system.

3. Parking lot management system

The car park management system is a set of network systems. It realizes the comprehensive management of the vehicle entry and exit and the field of the vehicle dynamic and static by collecting and recording the vehicle entry. Lane control equipment is the key equipment of the parking loT system.

4. Face recognition system

Face recognition system with face recognition technology as the core, is a new biometrics technology, in today’s international science and technology field of advanced technology. It widely adopts a regional feature analysis algorithm, fuses the computer image processing technology and the biostatistics principle in one, uses the computer image processing technology to extract the portrait feature point from the video, uses the biostatistics principle to analyze and establish the mathematical model, has the broad development prospect. Face recognition systems has a wide range of applications: Face recognition and management systems, face recognition, face recognition monitoring management, access control attendance systems face recognition computer security, face recognition, image search registration, face recognition, face recognition, visit ATM intelligent alarm video alarm system, intelligent face recognition prison system, face recognition RFID intelligence clearance system, face recognition: the public security criminal pursuit intelligent alarm system Series and so on.

5. Intrusion alarm system

The Intruder Alarm System (IAS) uses sensor technology and electronic information technology to detect and indicate unauthorized entry or attempted unauthorized entry into the secured area (including subjective judgment of being hijacked or robbed or in other critical situations). The act of intentionally triggering an emergency alarm device), an electronic system or network that processes and emits alarm information. Intrusion alarm systems are usually composed of front-end equipment (including detectors and emergency alarm devices), transmission equipment, processing/control/management equipment and display/recording equipment. The front-end detection part is composed of various detectors, which is the tactile part of the intrusion alarm system. It is equivalent to human eyes, nose, ears, skin, etc. It senses the changes in various physical quantities such as temperature, humidity, odor and energy, and converts them into electrical signals suitable for transmission according to certain rules. The monitoring center is responsible for receiving and processing the alarm information and status information from each subsystem, and sends the processed alarm information and monitoring instructions to the alarm receiving center and related subsystems respectively.

6. Wireless intercom system

Wireless intercom system has the characteristics of flexibility, simple operation, quick voice transmission and economical use, which is the basic means to realize the automation of production scheduling and modernization of management. Wireless intercom system for security, equipment maintenance, property management and other management work will bring great convenience. Can realize efficient, real-time processing of all kinds of events, and minimize possible loss.

7. Patrol system

Patrol system is a variety of access control systems, and is flexible use of access control systems. It is mainly used in buildings, factories, warehouses and field equipment, pipelines and other fixed patrol operation requirements of the industry. At the same time, the system can also make detailed records of the line patrol work in a certain period, which is deeply loved by users.

8. Broadcast (mainly for fire protection systems)

A fire broadcasting system is an important piece of equipment for fire evacuation and fire fighting command, and plays an extremely important role in the whole fire control and management system. When a fire occurs, the emergency broadcast signal is sent out through the audio source equipment. After power amplification, the broadcast switching module switches to the speaker in the designated area to achieve an emergency broadcast. 

10. Smart home security system

Smart home security control system function introduction

Safety is a very important issue for each of us, whether it is personal safety or property safety, which we are very concerned about. In contemporary society, people are becoming more and more indifferent, and some people have low moral values. They often do things that make everyone nervous, so the security work of the family is very important, and the smart home security control system came into being. Now, let’s understand how the smart home security control system protects the safety of the home when we are not at home.

Smart home security control system, is a set of information technology, using modern broadband information network and radio network platform, Home appliance control, family environment control, family monitoring, family safety prevention, family information exchange, family entertainment, community management and service as one of the intelligent system, is a family safety system based on modern science and technology developed.

The system includes wireless door sensors, a wireless infrared detector, infrared curtain detector, wireless smoke detectors, wireless gas detectors, wireless alarms and other equipment. Smart home security monitoring system, its main characteristic is safe, whether the invasion of strangers or gas leakage, and its operation is simple, suitable for all kinds of people, the most important is practical, installed in the family, can feel the presence of security, real let you don’t need to worry about the safety of their families, enjoy the warmth of home.  

Alarm and linkage function, its main function is to install door magnetic, and magnetic window, to prevent illegal invasion, the management system can be obtained by installing in household indoor alarm controller signals quickly turning to process, indoor alarm occurs, the system sent out alarm information at the same time, automatically open indoor light, start, alarm, etc; Alarm management display function, home mode that is burglar alarm state.

Automatic display of alarm household number and alarm type, and automatic system information archiving. After the alarm control processing, when there are illegal intruders or gas leakage in the home, the system will automatically call, send SMS capture pictures and E-mail to the designated user’s mobile phone! When users receive phone messages, they can use their mobile phones and computers to check the home monitoring pictures and control their home appliances Settings, installation and removal operations to build a three-dimensional home protection system, to provide 360° all-round protection for your family, so that safety around the family at all times!

Smart home security control system through modern high-tech means to protect the safety of the family, whether there is a thief in the home or their own security problems, such as gas leakage circuit failure can be the first time to make prevention, but also alarm and linkage function, more comprehensive to ensure the safety of the family, So smart home security control system is a very necessary thing in our life, can make us more at ease.

11. What are the famous intelligent security companies


SimpliSafe is a great choice for customers in the market. It was one of the first DIY home security companies.

SimpliSafe offers all the features that many people need in a home security system though it’s relatively inexpensive. Easy to install, professional monitors start at $14.99 a month.

Vivint Smart Home

With Vivint’s professionally installed smart home security system, you can get home security and home automation features. Vivint’s home security devices are compatible with security companies’ own smart home products as well as some third-party devices. 


Frontpoint offers reasonably priced sensors from Alarm.com. But Frontpoint does not lock you into a long-term contract and offers monthly monitoring plans instead. 

Frontpoint is easy to install, and provides excellent customer service. However, Frontpoint is integrated with some smart home devices. Also, for smart home integration and video surveillance, you will have to buy the most expensive surveillance plan. There is no option for self-monitoring.

Link Interactive

Link Interactive offers a complete home-built system rather than a starter kit or kit. It customizes systems to your unique security needs and offers a quote online or over the phone. If you want, you can expand to home automation. You can remotely monitor and control your home and add Z-Wave smart home appliances with Link’s Alarm.com app.

Ring Alarm

Ring Alarm is a DIY security system with the option of professional monitoring without a long-term contract. A starter kit costs $199, and professional monitoring costs $10 a month. The Ring Alarm system is tightly integrated with the Amazon Alexa voice assistant to provide more complete home automation options.

Cove Security

Cove Security offers relatively inexpensive professional monitoring. Cove differs from some other home security systems. This increased response times by providing 911 operators with real-time information from Cove equipment.

Blue by ADT

In 2019, Blue by ADT was created by LifeShield DIY Security Systems. ADT has a reputation for providing fully functional, professionally installed home security systems. Like these systems, ADT’s Blue has excellent equipment and professional monitoring. However, unlike ADT’s professionally installed systems, Blue by ADT does not require a long-term contract. 


Abode is a quality DO-it-yourself home safety system. It is easy to deploy. Also, if you want to install gadgets like smart door locks and light bulbs, you can connect Abode Security to a variety of smart home devices.

Abode offers Gateway and Iota. The hub doesn’t have a keyboard, but you can buy an external keyboard if you need one. A unique feature of the Monitoring program is Abode’s ability to geo-fence or dispatch to position and remove the system based on your location.

All devices are paired with hubs, so they are easy to install themselves.

ADT Security

ADT has been operating in the United States for 145 years and provides home security services to approximately 6 million residential customers. It uses professionally installed monitoring equipment. You can have it installed by ADT technicians if you know exactly what you need.

Brinks Home

Brinks Home is an inexpensive DIY smart Home security system that bundles equipment and professional monitoring into a three-year contract. Brinks Home is powered by Alarm.com. It costs less than rival devices like Vivint and ADT, but it’s also less complex. The system can be installed itself, or Brinks Home will install it for you at an additional cost. Professional reviewers praise Brinks’ phone support.

Xfinity Home

In addition to home security systems, Xfinity (owned by cable provider Comcast) offers home Internet and phone service, home automation and home entertainment. It’s a handy option for those who like to work all the home technologies together as one system.

Scout Alarm

Instead of using a keyboard, you simply slide the remote key on the door sensor or RFID sticker to deploy or remove the system. While you can buy an optional keyboard for $50, the operating system doesn’t need it.