Top IoT Projects Ideas in 2022: The Definitive Guide


With the development of wireless communication technology, IoT projects are becoming more and more popular. In this article, we come to know the knowledge of IoT projects.

What is Internet of Things

What is Internet of Things

The essence of the IoT is still the Internet, except that the terminal is no longer a PC or server, but an embedded computer system and its accompanying sensors. It is called the IoT as long as there are products or hardware connected to the data interaction occurs.

IoT refers to the real-time collection of any process or object that needs to be connected and monitored through various technologies and devices, including RFID technology, GPS, laser scanners, infrared sensors, and so on. The ubiquitous connection between objects and objects can be realized by kinds of possible network access.  

The IoT is an essential component of the new generation of information technology. IT industry is also referred as paninterconnection.  First, the core and foundation of the IoT is Internet.  Second, its client side extends to any item.  Hence, the definition of IoT is via GPS, radio frequency identification, etc.

What is IoT Project  

What is IoT Project

IoT includes anything that can be connected to the Internet.  But today, the IoT more specifically refers to connected things equipped with software, and sensors.  And now 5G and other network platforms are also able to deal with large data sets reliably.  

After IoT devices collect and transmit data, we ultimately need to analyze that data to enable companies to take informed actions.  

Popular IoT projects  

Popular IoT projects

The application of the IoT involves the application of agricultural, logistics, industrial, security, environmental, transportation, etc.  

1. Smart logistics  

Smart logistics is the use of integrated smart technology.  The further development of intelligent logistics will reflect hierarchy, integration, intelligence, socialization and flexibility. The integration of storage, transportation, loading, unloading, and packaging in the hierarchical intelligent logistics system and packaging is realized with logistics management as the core.  

2. Smart Transportation  

Real-time monitoring of timely transmission and road traffic conditions of information to drivers;  ETC is set up at highway intersections. The positioning system installed on the bus can timely understand the arrival time and bus route.  

Many cities have launched smart roadside parking management systems, which can be compatible with RADIO frequency identification mode and mobile phone mode. It can realize a timely understanding of parking positions and other parking information, and make reservations in advance via the mobile APP software.  

3. Smart home  

Smart home Only Edge Xiao mainly recommended Internet of things entrepreneurship projects.  

Even if you’re not at home, you can use remote operation of intelligent air conditioning;  Or realize the switch of intelligent bulbs through the client;  Realize the remote control socket timing on or off the current via socket built-in Wifi;   

4. Smart Medical  

What is smart medical?  

1. Intelligent hospital system is composed of digital hospitals and enhanced applications.  

Digital hospital includes laboratory information management system, hospital information system, transmission system and doctor workstation, and medical image information storage system.  

Enhanced applications include remote visitation, remote consultation, clinical decision-making systems, intelligent prescriptions and so on.  

2. Regional health system consists of the public health system and a regional health platform.  

The regional health platform includes the regional health information platform;  To help medical institutions and other relevant organizations carry out disease risk assessment, use advanced science and technology, develop customized risk factor intervention plans, reduce medical costs, and develop electronic health records.  

3. Family health system.  

Family health is a guarantee to the health of the citizens, for action inconvenience to hospital patients medical video, for all ages, chronic diseases, as well as the patient’s care, remote for special groups such as the disabled, disabled, patients with infectious diseases, such as health monitoring, prompt duration, taking taboos, such as residual quantity of intelligent system taking the medicine. 

Faqs about the Internet of Things projects  

Faqs about the Internet of Things projects

1. The terminal installation position is optional  

Compared with human network terminals, the most important difference between the use of Internet of things terminals is that the first is the bad use environment, and the second is that there are many inaccessible places, and the transportation cost of terminal maintenance is very high.  For example, distribution network terminals installed at the far end of the power grid and water level monitoring terminals installed in various small reservoirs belong to emergency offices.  Once the installation site is too strange, it is easy to have unstable communication, and there is no solution to these problems once they occur.  

2. The terminal configuration is optional  

The Internet of Things is not an open and open business, there is a process of terminal configuration. Because customers often have a vague understanding of intelligent Internet of Things terminal configuration, the configuration is often wrong, and once the error occurs, the correction cost will be very large.  

The APN name of a smart power terminal of a certain model is written out, causing communication failure. After that, the customer collects the terminal for processing.  A terminal recovery, light overhead operation costs $75, for other units may not be able to correct such errors.  

Case 4: The transaction APP of a certain type of POS terminal of a financial institution has permission to rewrite the APN, and the transaction fails after writing the APN.  The specific phenomenon is that the check-in APP is used normally, but the transaction fails in probability. When the POS machine is switched to flight mode and then closed, the transaction is normal, and the transaction fails in probability again after being used for a while.  As all POS of this model cannot be recovered, it is still running with illness.  

3. Set parameters as required  

Case 5: In a smart community project of a provincial capital city, when the first batch of NB-IoT users opened an account, the customer manager chose “machine card product” instead of “NB-IoT product”. As a result, the first batch of 260 NB smoke sensors could not work properly in PSM mode, resulting in the terminal power consumption too fast, which greatly increased the maintenance cost of the project.  

After eliminating common network reasons, there are still a large number of complaints related to customer characteristics, which need to be handled in combination with customer terminals, business processes, networking structure, and platform module characteristics, bringing new challenges to network operation and maintenance.