What is Smart Parking? The Definition and Benefits


Smart parking refers to the comprehensive application of wireless communication technology, mobile terminal technology, GPS positioning technology, GIS technology, etc. to the collection, management, reservation and navigation services of urban parking spaces. Through these functions, the car owners can enjoy the query of parking resources, reservations, and other comprehensive services, so that parking resources can be used more reasonable and the car owners can enjoy the best parking services, maximizing the profit of parking lots. An article will show you what is smart parking!

What is Smart Parking System

What is Smart Parking System

The purpose of smart parking project is to make it easier for car owners to find parking spaces, including both offline and online intelligence. Car owners use smart parking apps, WeChat, and Alipay to find a specific parking place, and check whether there is a space available, how much it costs, whether they can book, and whether there is a place to charge, and other services. With these, you can pay in advance and pay online.

Smart parking is not a new concept. The concept attempts to realize online queries and parking reservations through technical support, and supports functions such as induced parking, reverse car search, and smart payment. The primary purpose of developing intelligent parking is to solve the parking information asymmetry.

Speeding up the development of smart parking has become an important subtopic of the construction of the smart city, which not only tests the technological innovation ability of enterprises but also tests the modern governance ability of the city using the Internet and traffic management. If every city can implement a city-level smart parking scheme, it will not only help to solve the congestion caused by parking inconvenience but also is expected to ease urban traffic congestion and make the city more comfortable.

How Does Smart Parking Work

How Does Smart Parking Work

The specific principle of an intelligent parking system is as follows:

(1)The parking lot is connected to the smartphone entering the parking lot by installing geomagnetic induction.

(2)It integrates real-time data of various parking lots by establishing an integrated backstage management system of parking lots.

(3)The intelligent service of automatic parking navigation and online parking fee payment is realized in the parking lot, and the fully automated parking management system is fully laid to reasonably channel the traffic flow.

What are the functions of Smart Parking Solutions?

What are the functions of Smart Parking Solutions

At present, the smart parking lot management system has become one of the current parking lot popular systems. It can not only help the owner quickly find a parking space through the system to assist the parking lot manager to manage the parking lot so that all aspects of the parking lot are in order. Then So what characteristics should this system have? Zhongke Zhibo smart parking system will be introduced to you one by one, as follows:

(1) Functions of smart parking lot management system

The features include Identity identification, temporary card issuance, information recording, image uptake, full display, information display, voice prompt, automatic billing, automatic charging, vehicle confirmation, image comparison, IC card management, universal query function, statistical management, equipment monitoring and management, system Settings, one card, offline, off-network operation.

(2) Functional features of smart parking lot management system

1) Humanized software functions designed according to national conditions can completely prevent the loss of funds;

2) It will automatically and instantly display the remaining empty parking Spaces to ensure the orderly management of the garage;

3) Add an emergency manual device to prevent the occurrence of accidents;

4) Add a set of anti-smashing vehicle control systems to ensure vehicle safety;

5) The pressure wave is the lowest activation voltage of 2bar;

6) It can prevent the loss of funds by archiving the images of incoming and outgoing vehicles and eliminating the false reporting of free vehicles;

7) The operation design of a “silly machine” can make people who do not understand computer operation learn to operate quickly;

8) It adopts closed-loop digital technology, automatically compensates for lost signals due to reasons, removes all external interference, stable and reliable performance;

9) Double security system design, to ensure that in the computer “crash” or network failure, to achieve offline operation, so that the system paralysis is impossible;

10) The original “super intelligent” card issuing machine ensures a 100% card issuing rate, making it impossible for a car not to send a card;

11) Special design of double self-locking, external force can’t change the stop position of the brake rod unloading device, to prevent external force damage;

12) It has a soft start function and overcurrent, and overheat protection, effectively protecting the core part of the gate motor’s normal operation;

13) It adopts COMS high-precision clock chip and computer automatic clock correction, so that the inlet and outlet clock is always consistent, power off never lose the clock;

14) It has powerful loss reporting and recovery functions;

15) It has a powerful query report function;

16) It has flexible permission management. The management person can divide the different authorities of the parking lot system into the hands of different people so that the detailed division of labor can ensure the safe operation of the system and let everyone be responsible for the work within their responsibility scope.

Benefits of smart parking systems

Benefits of smart parking systems

The smart parking lot management system solves these problems well, including entrance and exit management, change management, preferential management, and smart management in 4 parts. These four sectors also highlight the four advantages of the smart parking management system.

Advantage 1: The vehicle management is flexible and changeable, which can meet the differentiated management needs of different periods and different vehicles.

Advantage 2: APP mobile terminal management is easy, there are a variety of payment methods to ensure convenient payment of car owners, abnormal events can be handled in time, and ensure the service order of the garage.

Advantage 3: Cloud management construction cost is low, shortening the operation return cycle.

Advantage 4: Violations will be inspected by video, and then timely alarm handling, to ensure the stable service order of the garage.

Types of intelligent parking systems

Types of intelligent parking systems

The increasing number of vehicles leads to a shortage of parking Spaces. And the appearance of the intelligent parking lot can better solve the problem of parking shortage. What are the types of smart parking? Here are three types of smart parking lots.

General intelligent parking is mainly divided into three types: license plate recognition system intelligent parking lot, intelligent three-dimensional parking lot, mechanical intelligent parking lot, and so on.

  • License plate recognition system intelligent parking lot

With the change in intelligence, the license plate recognition system is welcomed by many parking lots. Continuous technological advances and changing market requirements are forcing parking lots that use traditional parking systems to make changes. According to the needs of customers, to innovate production, towards the direction of development of The Times, which is what the parking system should have. The license plate recognition system has the advantage of the intelligent parking lot that the vehicle entering and leaving the parking lot system will automatically identify the vehicle identity and register the vehicle into the store, and automatically lift the bar. The parking system will guide the car owner to find the remaining parking space inside. It will show the car owner the way. The parking time of the car will be calculated systematically, and the toll is also systematically planned. This parking system does not need to pay cash and can be quick, is the support of mobile terminal payment.

  • Intelligent three-dimensional parking lot

The intelligent three-dimensional parking garage system is a set of equipment, operation, security, monitoring, maintenance, and management as one of the intelligent systems. Touch-screen man-machine interface, it is more convenient to operate and use, with intelligent management and charging system. Its highly intelligent detection and perfect service system can achieve zero barrier operation. Its advantage lies in the time-sharing control function, realizing time-sharing and hierarchical parking control, and effectively improving the utilization rate of parking space. It can be connected with the city parking charging system, can realize the whole city parking charging card, and can be installed monitoring system and community networking. Such good aspects as low cost and saving time are its advantages

  • Mechanical intelligent parking lot

A mechanical intelligent parking lot refers to a parking lot composed of mechanical parking equipment and is a common type of parking lot in China. It can generally be divided into lifting transverse class, vertical cycle class, horizontal cycle class, multi-layer cycle class, planar mobility class, vertical lifting class, simple lifting class, and other types. It has the advantage of a small footprint. Its selection is diverse, can be specifically combined with the site characteristics of the design, and can also be combined with other ways to implement. It has a high degree of automation, convenient operation and use, and management and maintenance are also relatively easy, with the characteristics of a quantitative storage car.

Which technologies are used in smart parking?

Which technologies are used in smart parking

In the process of building a smart parking system, the main technologies used are as follows:

License plate recognition technology

A technology like this that automatically identifies patterns of license plate numbers and colors by the vehicle’s motion or immobility is called license plate recognition. Several algorithms such as license plate character segmentation algorithm, license plate location algorithm, and optical character recognition algorithm are the key points of this technology. Image acquisition, vehicle detection, and license plate recognition are indispensable parts of a perfect license plate recognition system.

Parking guidance technology

Parking space guidance technology can help owners avoid the trouble of losing their cars, improve the utilization of roads and make them less crowded. Parking guidance technology can lead the owner of the car to find a parking space quickly, rather than to find the direction of random driving, which is a very important part of its development as intelligent parking.

Now the mainstream of the market parking lot intelligent parking space guidance: ultrasound and video two.

  • The ultrasonic parking guidance system

Intelligent parking space guidance to guide the vehicle is operated through the system, installed in the parking space above the ultrasonic detector ultrasonic reflection characteristics to detect the parking space under the parking space. Parking lots with heavy traffic and few empty Spaces are more suitable for ultrasonic guidance systems. It makes parking more efficient by letting drivers quickly know what Spaces are available in a parking lot.

  • Video parking guidance system

The video parking guidance system is more suitable for such places as shopping malls and airports with more vehicles and incomplete management. It places a camera above a parking space, uses a moving image to see if there is a vacant space below it, and then operates according to the system.

Reverse car finding technology

In large parking lots such as shopping malls and shopping centers, owners tend to get lost in the parking lot and fail to find their vehicles due to large parking spaces, similar environments and markers, and difficult direction discrimination when they return to the parking lot. Video from the exchange machine was sent to identify terminal, terminal to identify some of the information in the car, and then to deliver through the network to share data on the server on each terminal, so that each query terminal car as long as the input of information allows the owner to quickly find the car parked limits, reverse the car system is how it works.

Mobile payment for parking fees

The traditional parking lot payment is generally cash payment as the main means and is manual charging. But the artificial charge loophole is too big, the property management personnel can’t always know the charge situation, the statistical statement is not timely, waste of manpower and material resources, and the cost is also high. In the era of Internet parking, more and more parking lots have improved the parking process by laying out smart devices to let users pay online. In this way, the parking time is shorter and the parking lot management is more convenient.

One-button call video intercom system

Vehicle scraping collision, parking space occupied, various problems caused by the gate can’t be closed and other emergency events occur in the parking lot. So, one button to call has always been an indispensable system in parking lots, especially in parking lots where no one is on duty and it plays a particularly important role.

Big data management combined with remote operation and maintenance

Thanks to the operating data accumulated by the platform manager and car owners on weekdays, the intelligent management platform connect the customer’s hardware system to the Internet to achieve a big data platform so that customers can control the system hardware from a distance, which greatly improves management efficiency. On the other hand, the big data platform draws conclusions through vehicle traffic, customer traffic, information, and other aspects, thus providing strong support for the business decision-making of customers. In this way, the transformation of customer business can be achieved and the operating income can be increased. Such a platform is particularly good for large networked group property management.

Examples of intelligent parking applications

Examples of intelligent parking applications

Thanks to the advanced modern technology and the application of many new technologies, the parking lot management system is also increasingly improving its management function, safety index, and reliable performance. The parking lot system also makes full use of intelligent door equipment, which is also the reason why the parking lot management system is more intelligent and unattended.

  • Large integrated commercial parking lot

Large commercial complexes are generally located in bustling business districts with a large number of merchants. With the continuous increase of passenger flow, the traffic pressure of large commercial parking lots is extremely great, especially the traffic speed of vehicles is extremely slow during peak hours, and the problem of slow overall road movement caused by local traffic jams is becoming more and more prominent. Intelligent services and management such as the entry and exit of vehicles in large shopping malls are carried out through the parking management system that recognizes license plates.

Introduction to the application scenario of license plate recognition parking lot management system.

  • Government organs and enterprises and institutions

Parking lots of government offices and enterprises are generally closed to the public. In order to make social vehicles no longer enter and park randomly, we should improve the intelligent management of vehicles entering and leaving.

Government agencies and enterprises use a license plate recognition parking lot management system, increase the external unit and VIP vehicle management and identification function, can effectively control the number of remaining parking Spaces in the parking lot, and enhance anti-theft function.

  • The school

Campus parking lots are mostly reserved for teachers and students on campus. In recent years, campus safety has been valued by people, so the access management of campus parking lots also plays an important role. Coupled with the exquisite campus entrance and exit equipment, it can also improve the campus image.

  • The hospital

In the early 2020 outbreak, reducing human contact became an important requirement for preventive management. Especially in public areas such as hospitals with frequent cross infection, abandoning the way of card swiping at the entrance and exit of the hospital parking lot, minimizing on-site costs, and avoiding personnel contact are the urgent needs of more and more hospital managers for the parking lot management system.

  • The scenic spot

The urgent need to solve the problem of parking congestion in the scenic area parking lot is the holiday and other peak periods. The supply of parking spaces in the scenic spot parking lot and the traffic efficiency of vehicles in and out is in a very important position. Therefore, the first choice to improve the image of the scenic spot and the construction and upgrading of the parking lot in the scenic spot is to have a good license plate recognition parking lot management system, which requires accurate recognition, stable operation, high efficiency, and high value.

  • Residential communities

With the improvement of modern people’s living standards, there are more and more private cars, and there are more temporary car users than permanent car users in residential areas. Especially in the morning and evening peak hours, traffic congestion, and residential vehicle management is becoming more and more difficult, and the parking lot toll payer’s job requirements are becoming higher and higher. If intelligence is not realized, the management cost of managers will also increase. Therefore, equipped with a professional license plate recognition parking lot management system, not only can provide standardized, comprehensive, intelligent, and correct management services, but also can ensure the safety, stability, and efficiency of the parking lot system, reduce the recruitment difficulties of toll payers, high wages, residential real estate parking lot charge insufficient problem.